Affiliate Psycho 2 review and results

Affiliate psycho 2 review
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Affiliate psycho 2 review

I have kind of big expectations for this product as Lee Murray usually creates valuable products.

Affiliate Psycho 2 test – Day one

First off I want to say this… Lee does not make his video training as other marketers you might have gone through training’s with. He jumps a bit from one thing to another. But with that being said, he delivers what he says. He tells it like he see things. He shows you what to do and how to do that, that is my impression of him this far. This product is about making money by doing video reviews by the way. I have started going through the training now during the day and as it is getting late here now I’ll take a break now until tomorrow. So Ill see you then.

Affiliate psycho 2 review
Affiliate psycho 2 review

Affiliate Psycho 2 test- Day Two

I have purchased similar products before, but this product is a bit different. Now I mean that in a positive way. I can not reveal too much about the product in respect to Lee, but yes it stands out. So I have gone through more of the training now inside Affiliate Psycho 2 and applied what Lee teaches inside the product. As I have mentioned earlier this product is about making money by making video reviews. And inside this product he gives examples about hat he calls brutally honest reviews that you can model. He points out the importance of honesty in Affiliate Psycho 2 and why you should be really brutally honest in your reviews. And how this honesty can make you a lot of money. He is also getting into how to get a lot of traffic to your reviews even if you do not rank that high in the search results. Okay, so now I will continue to apply what I learned so far from this product and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Affiliate psycho 2 review
Affiliate psycho 2 review

Affiliate Psycho 2 test – Day Three

So here we go, now we are on to the third day of this test of Affiliate psycho 2. This product is not only about profiting from doing video reviews , it also includes how to use this concept through blogging. If you are looking for a way to get free traffic, then doing videos and uploading them to youtube and doing blogging is the way to go. Lee also shares his free training program Passiveclass that you can use as a lead magnet to get more leads. That is also some things that lee talks about in this product. Now that I have gone through this product completely I have this to say about it… If you can put up with the fact that Lee sometimes feels a bit out of focus and that he kind of jumps from one thing to another, then this product is for you. Because when it comes to the meat of the potatoes of it all, what he teaches works. And he tells you what to do and how to do things in order to get results from Affiliate Psycho 2. Thank you for taking time to read my review.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

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