How to get new clients for your business

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How to get new clients for your business

Any business owner of course needs new and more clients for their business. otherwise that business will soon have to be shut down. There are different ways to get new clients and I will share with you my best advice regarding this now.

Discounts and re connect

One method that you can use to get new clients is by offering discounts on your services that you offer. You can also connect with previous costumers to see if they would be interest in your services again, you could offer a discount for them then as well. You can find clients through your friends or on business networks for instance. One more way to get new clients is to re connect with clients that you have lost. Offer them a temting deal and also ask for the reason why they no longer are using your services. Because it is always good with feedback.

How to get new clients for your business
How to get new clients for your business

Job boards

Join inline job boards and connect with people there to see if someone is willing to co work with you. Maybe you offer online marketing training for a fee , and you might find people on these boards that are interested to start making money from home. Maybe they also could turn into affiliates for your products and so on.

How to get new clients for your business
How to get new clients for your business


Start to blog to reach more people and potential prospects. Build up an audience and build up your personal brand this way as well. A blog is a great marketing tool that will work for you 24/7.

How to get new clients for your business
How to get new clients for your business

Offline or online?

Many small business owners are using off line marketing srtategies, and those may work to a degree. But to get any major results from their promotions I would recommend that you as a business owner start with online promotions as well. And the type of advertising platform I would recommend is, Youtube Google Facebook and Instagram. If you do not have the proper skills to use this kind of advertising then you can always pay someone to do this work for you by outsourcing. Because you need to be willing to spend money to build your business. Because it really takes money to make more money. At least invest some amount of money into paid advertising, then when you have made some sales then reinvest that profit into more paid ads.

Share advice

Share advice with people regarding what you have knowledge about. You can share that knowledge for instance ad or Quora. This can attract people to you as an expert in your niche. You can leave a link to your blog on these platforms for instance.


Use video marketing

Share tips in videos on different video platforms. Share a lot of value in these videos and offer a free eBook or video training t about your knowledge as a lead magnet.This way you will build your list and will get access to more prospects.

I hope you will take action on the advice I have shared here and I wish you all success.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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