Digital marketing lies you should be aware of

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Digital marketing lies.

There are quite many lies that goes around within marketing. I will now reveal some digital marketing lies that I think you should be aware of.

There are different so called push button software’s out there that promises more or less instant riches. This is misleading hype and yes.. lies. The product creators is playing on peoples desperation and need for money. It is seldom possible to make instant or fast money online, it takes work, patience and time. I am not here to point the finger or to bad talk anyone, but I feel like I need to share what I have noticed in the so called online marketing space.

Lies in digital marketing
Lies in digital marketing

They leave that out

I have seen many products where they claim that you can make thousand of dollars through free traffic. You only need to use the social sharing buttons within the product and share your link to your offer and then the money soon will be coming into your bank account. This does not work, it is possible that you can make a few sales this way but it will take time, a lot of time. The creators of these products are leaving some pieces out of the product, to make it possible for you to make any significant income with their product. And one part is quality traffic and paid traffic. Okay within some products they may offer some type of paid traffic, but in most cases they just offer this free traffic by sharing your link on social media through these social sharing buttons.

Lies in digital marketing
Lies in digital marketing

The reasons for it…

So why do these product creators leave pieces out when creating their products? It is because they want to make more money. They might launch other products that offers the pieces that was missing in their earlier products. Do not get me wrong their are legit products, products that really works, but there are also plenty of products out there that do not live up to its promises. And that are making unrealistic claims on their sales pages. You should also know that scarcity is something that is often used on sales pages. Some claims are true and some are not. Sometimes it says that the sellers/ affiliates bonuses will be removed at a certain date, and sometimes they will be removed then. But in many cases the bonuses will remain there no matter what. Or they may say that the price will be going up soon, and that is sometimes not the case either.

Lies in digital marketing
Lies in digital marketing

If it looks too good to be true

There is this saying; ”if it looks too good to be true then it usually is”. And that is the truth. if something sounds way to easy or way to good regarding how much money you will make and how fast you can make it then think twice before buying that product.

Yes there are many hyped up product that does not live up to their promises but again, there are many products, good products that truly works. So do your research and use your logical thinking before you buy any product.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

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