Where focus goes energy flows

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Where focus goes energy flows.

I read this the other day On Tony Robbins’ facebook page. And I think it was quite interesting what Tony shared in that post. Why I think so is what I will reveal to you now.

Do You have the focus to make the energy flow?

”Where focus goes, energy flows!” Yes that line is from the post that I just mentioned, on Tony Robbins page. And what he is getting at is that what we are feeling is a result of what we’re choosing to FOCUS on. He also says that focusing on that highest vision helps create energy and more momentum. Most people focus on how to avoid pain in the short-term. If we want to push our life to the next level and experience fulfillment and true quality of life, we need to be laser-focused on our ultimate vision. We can kick feelings of frustration by changing the channel of our attention to how to help somebody in need. It all begins with what we CHOOSE to FOCUS ON. No matter if it is Good or bad, positive or negative. He also points out that it has to do with how we can serve and contribute. Focusing on that highest vision helps create energy and momentum for ourselves.

Where focus goes energy flows

I have pointed out this earlier…

I have pointed out earlier how important it is to maintain a positive mindset, a winning mindset, so that we can work towards our goals and so that we do not end up in a negative spiral of negative thinking. Nobody of course wants to be focusing on something negative, but if we do not create a strong mindset then it is easy to fall in the trap of getting a negative self image and mindset. And about serving and contributing ; helping others.That is truly what it is about when you aim to become a successful entrepreneur and build up your income online. So if you want to make a lot of money, then help a lot of people, it is as simple as that really.. Focus more on helping people then to make that sale. Because if you focus too much on sales and making money then you will not get that much results because you may instead push people away from you.

Where focus goes energy flows
Where focus goes energy flows

Where is your focus at?

So where is your focus right now? Are you focusing on staying positive? So that you easier can reach your goals? What are you doing daily to stay in that positive mindset? Feel free to leave your comments below. And I will see you at the top.

All the best, Tommy Olsson

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