Facebook organic reach- How to drastically increase your Facebook organic reach

Facebook organic reach.

If you are ot sure what I mean that I am talking the reach you get on Facebook through organic traffic. So what is organic traffic? It is free traffic that you generate though for instance search engine optimization, and when people find your content after you ranked it well in the search results, well this is organic traffic. This is a free traffic strategy that can generate recurring leads for you.. But there are other ways to generate this organic traffic as well.

Optimizing your Facebook profile

You need to make sure that your Profile looks really professional otherwise people will not see you as an serious entrepreneur. Make sure to have a nice looking banner that shows what you have to offer , what you are working with/ on. It can also be a good thing to add your photo into that cover/ banner image.In the description of you cover you can offer a free give away through a link to a capture page, this so that you can build your list. Because you need to build your buyers list. That capture page link to your give away should be inserted at your profile description as well to optimize your list building. In your profile description ass a to the point description what you can do for people, what you have to offer to them.

Facebook organic reach
Facebook organic reach

Adding friends and the Facebook ALGORITHM

You are allowed to have 500 contacts on Facebook, and the more friends go have the more people you will reach with your posts. You should add up to 25 people each day, but it should be people that you believe have an interest in your type of content You can find those people in groups that has to do with your niche, where people wants to learn more about certain things in your niche for instance. Add members from these groups but do not add everyone from that group.

facebook organic reach
Facebook organic reach

And do not spam them, build up a relationship with them and get to know them.But remember, only 10% of all your contacts will see your posts. So then you have to really make sure that they actually do see your posts. Therefor,before you post anything every day you need to comment on some of your friends post and alo you need to like those posts. This will make it so that you will receive more likes and comments on your own posts. You will also get more so called eye balls on your posts this way.

Facebook organic reach
Facebook organic reach

The different posts

The different posts you should create every day are;positive motivating post. life style posts and post where you teach people something. You can also every once in a while post proof of your results. Do not post results post too often but post the other types of post daily, because you need to be consistent with your posting.

This organic traffic strategy as lonmg as you are being consistent with it and putting in the work every day.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.