How to attract customers for your business in 2021

How to attract customers for your business

We all that works with a online business or promoting products of course wants and needs more customers. How do we make that happen? If you continue to read I will share some advice regarding that.

The two different ways

There are two different options for you when you want to attract more costumers and make more sales. The two options involved paid or free traffic, paid of free advertising… The free traffic method that I recommend is organic traffic. This is a method that takes more effort and so called elbow grease. But it truly works but you need to be consistent with it and plan for the longer term. Do not quit just because this method may take longer time then paid ads, because if you have a limited budget then I recommend that you stick with organic traffic for a while. With organic marketing you share value in your content on social media consistently and by doing so you attract people towards you as a marketer. You should share inspirational posts, lifestyle posts, trivia posts and results posts. By result posts I am getting at that you should post proof of your results in your business to attract people to it.

How to attract customers
How to attract customers

The paid ads

Paid ads like Facebook ads can be a really powerful resource and help you build up your income and business fast. When you first getting involved with Facebook ads it can feel a bit over whelming perhaps. But once you have the skills to set up a good campaign then Facebook ads can be a really golden goose so to speak. The paid ads will run 24/7 , even when you are sleeping. When you have made some profit from your organic marketing you can invest that money or most of it, into paid advertising. I am not saying that you should stop using free organic traffic. You can combine the free and paid traffic to build your business and income faster. I am sharing a few tips about Facebook ads in the video above by the way… When you have money to spend on paid advertising do not hesitate to use it on ads, because if you do not then you are missing out big time. You will have to work much harder then to reach your financial goals.

How to attract customers
How to attract customers

The system

You should also have a system, a sales funnel to make your income building easier and more effective for you. Without some kind of sales funnel you have to work so much harder, and there is no need to really. You then just drive all traffic to your funnel and let the sales funnel more or less take care of the rest for you, closing the sales and so on. If you do not know how to set up a good sales funnel then consider to buy this service to get help creating a good funnel. Because you really need to have some kind of system and sales funnel.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.