Make money for free with your cellphone

Make money for free with your cellphone.

Yes there are ways that you actually can make money for free with your cellphone. In the past I have tried out several apps that claimed that you could win big amounts by using them and play the games within that app. But they never paid out, basically they where fake,and they probably just wanted for the players to see different kind of commemrcials and hopefully some of then would click on the ads and spend money.

Well enough of that now.I have come across a app that I really trust and believe in and this is something you can turn into your main business if you want to. I did this review about this app called Tapestri recently, and you can watch it below…

Free or upgraded?

This is an app that you just download and let it work in the background on your cell phone,while you do what you regularly are doing on your phone. You can join for free and stay as a free member if you want to , and earn up to 25 dollars per month. But then there is a way to make more money ,much more money and that is to upgrade for 10 dollars to become a paid affiliate. This deal with paying just 10 dollars for a whole year is time limited. Ina few months this fee will turning into a monthly fee of 10 dollars. To learn more about Tapestri and the compensation plan watch the video below..


Your data

The data you already are sharing for free with companies and others, now you get paid for as a member of Tapestri. But your data is totally safe. They will never reveal your personal information,such as your name or where you are living and so on. But those who buys the data want to get in on different statistics, they might be interested in where people spend a lot of time. how many people that are using the Tapestri app within a certain n area and so on. When the app launches, any day now, you will even be able to shut off the sharing of data from your phone, if you for any reasons wants to do so. Tapestri is very careful with your privacy. Tapestri works now int the USA but will shortly go global. It will be available all over the world before this year ends, the only country that will now take part is right now China. And if you choose to upgrade you can right now start to earn some money no matter what country in the world you are living in.

Make money for free with your cellphone
Make money for free with your cellphone


So with this free app you have two options. If you want up make up to 25 dollar a month without inviting any new members , then that is totally fine. But if you want to make the bigger money then I strongly would recommend you to upgrade right now.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson