Social media prospecting- How to turn cold prospects into paying costumers

Social media prospecting

Social media platforms is a great place to connect with a lot of people on and these platforms are great when it comes to generate leads and sales as well. And using thses platforms with the strategies I will explain to you now, will not cost you anything because they are totally free ways of building your list and business.

Social media prospecting

Connecting with people

You should build your group of connections daily but never add more then 20 people per day. And also do not message them instantly when they have approved your friend request

Yes I know that other marketer instantly start to message people after they are connected with the new friend, but I would recommend that you avoid doing that. Give the mew connection time to check your profile out as well as your content so they can figure out who you are and what you so to say are about… About your profile, make sure that it is professional looking with a nice cover image showing what you are involved working with and what you have to offer. Also, enter a good description about your self on your profile and a link to a capture page. Then after you have waited a while to message your new contact / friend a while you can send them a welcome message but first make sure that you check out their profile to see if you have something in common. If you have, then make sure to mention that in your first conversation.

Social media prospecting
Social media prospecting

The follow up

There is a process to follow before you can present your offer to your prospects. First you must get to know them and build trust with them. Do not be in a hurry making the sale. that will just make people turn away from you. Learn more about them and yes focus more on them then the offer you have for them .

Social media prospecting
Social media prospecting

The pain

Find out if they are struggling with something, it could be lack of money or something else. This are their so called pain. Somewhere down the line after you have discovered their pain, you can offer a solution to that pain. That solution is something you will make money from if they take action on your offer. it can be a good idea to offer a free give away before you present your paid offer. It can be a free download and it can be a paid offer on the page where they access your free download. If you offer a free training of some kind then you can share additional training that they need to paya sum of money from on that same landing page. This so that you can increase your chances of getting a sign up to your business of course.

The power of stories

Make sure to take advantage of the story features on both Linkedin and Facebook to get your message out. The stories will generate more views and eyeballs on your content and profile and can lead to you generate more leads and sign ups into your business.


Social media is a gold mine when it comes to free strategies of generate leads through prospecting. This is most beneficial especially if you have a limited budget. Even if you do not have a limited budget you should use these free strategies a part from your paid ads to make additional income.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.