How to start a agency I Free methods of getting agency clients

How to start a agency.

Or more to the point; how to get more agency clients by using certain free methods, that is what I am going to share in todays blog post. Does it sound difficult and expensive to start a agency and getting clients? Well it does not have to be… There are free ways of generating paying clients, yes no out of pocket expense for you.

How to start

Maybe you are wondering what services you should provide in your agency business and if you have enough knowledge to start a agency? I am sure you have an interest that you have pretty much knowledge about that you can use to start up your own digital agency. Try also to think outside the box… Maybe you are good at blogging or website design or doing voice overs. There are so many things you can offer as a paid service. So think about what you are good at and do not think less of yourself when it comes to this. Believe in yourself and your ability.

Start a agency
Start a agency

Social media

Social sites such as Facebook is very powerful and useful when it comes to connecting with people to get paying agency clients. Here follows some steps you can follow regarding this… if you do not have a Facebook account then create one because it is free to do so. Connect with and add at least 20 new contacts every day. Make sure not to move to fast with presenting your offer. You should have been chatting with your prospects at least for one week before sharing any information about the services you have to offer. Create a relationship with people that you connect with and get to know them a bit. Focus more on their situation and story then your own. Do not focus so much on making the sales, focus on how you can help them. Yes I know we are here to make money, but do not just focus on the money. Over time you may realize what their so called pain is, and then you can present your services to them as a sort of solution for them to get out of that pain. To lose that pain.

Start a agency
Start a agency

Facebook groups

Another way to connect with more people and to get more paying clients is to join Facebook groups. Join groups that has to do with the services you offer. It can be groups where people want to learn proper marketing, but this is only a example… Then add members of the groups, but do not add all of them. Also, do not spam them or start to pitch them. Instead use the tactic that I just describe to you about creating relationships with them. This strategy can of course be used on other social platforms as well, such as Linkedin for instance. If you would like to get help for free through a 14 day free trial, to start your agency business then click this now.

To your success, Tommy Olsson.