Alternatives to adsense – what are some good alternatives to adsense?

Alternatives to adsense,

are there any good alternatives out there?

Or should you stay and focus on Google adsense? But to start things off, what is google adsense? Google adsense gives publishers a way to make money from their content. Advertisers that wants to make more money off their products pays commissions when someone buys from the adsense ads om your website or blog. Your level of earnings varies depending on the settings of the ads. Now back to alternatives to adsense. There are actually several good alternatives to adsense, and I will reveal a few of those good alternatives to adsense if you continue to read… If you are looking for ways to monetize your blog, here follows my recommendations on that.

Alternatives to adsense
Alternatives to adsense


Infolinks is an ad marketplace that enables advertising with contextual intent targeting and high viewability across different quality publisher placements. Click here to check out Infolinks.


Primis is an ad network that have their focus on video ads. They are using in-view native video ads that are totally customizable to fit any ad unit size.


Trion may be another alternatives to adsense. This is an option especially if you have a lot of mobile traffic to your blog or website.



Alternatives to adsense

Popads focuses on so called popunders. You can sign up as an advertiser or choose to sign up as a publisher so that you can monetize your website.


Adsterra is a good alternative to Google adsense. You can become a advertiser with their network or become a publisher. They ensure a 100% fill rate for publishers through their 20K+ campaigns running simultaneously. They pay commissions automatically twice a month on fixed days.

alternatives to adsense
Alternatives to adsense

Amazon associates

I guess you have heard about Amazon associates? Who haven’t. This is one of the best known e-commerce platforms out there. Their ads are not  CPM based or Pay-per-click ads. You will earn a small commissions from ads that has been placed on your site or blog.

Other options on monetizing your website or blog

There are other ways to monetize your blog or website then by using any of the networks and platforms that I have presented earlier in this blog post. One way is to sell your own products on your blog. It can be something as simple as an E book or a video training of some kind. It does not always have to be a advanced product. Later on you could consider to offer paid coaching to your readers as well. So there you go, this was some alternatives if you want to move away from Google adsense, or if you want something to compare to adsense.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

Optimize your blog-Tips on how to optimize your blog

Optimize your blog, you should really optimize your blog to get better results with your blogging.

Because you want as much traffic to your blog as possible right? That is my you must search engine optimize your blog.

So here follows my tips regarding how to do that… You should both search engine optimize your blog pages as well as your blog posts. When it comes to your blog posts, always use or at least most of the time, use keywords with low competition.

Optimize your blog
Optimize your blog

What else?

I also recommend that you use long tail keywords. This way it will be easier for your blog content to tank in the search results. And enter your keywords in the body of your blog post, but not that much so that you will sound like a robot or machine. Because your content should be easy to read and interesting to read for your audience. You can use free keywords tools to research keywords. like the Google adwords keywords tool .


you should have images in your blog posts to make it more fun to read. So you should enter your keywords in the alt text description for your images. Actually the title and all settings for your images should include your keywords.This will help your SEO for your blog posts. Make sure to always use quality images in your content. Do not use images that looks like something that could be ina cartoon. Use images of real people for instance.

Optimize your blog
Optimize your blog

Linking your blog posts to one another is beneficial for search engine optimization as well. Especially if the posts involves the same topics. And also.linking to a blog or website that ranks on top of the search results involving your chosen keywords is also great and effective. But make sure to not link to a site where there are a lot of ads and promotions. Because you do not want to help them with making more sales. In that case choose a site that ranks a bit lower with less advertising displayed. You link this way to so to say ”steal” some link juice from their site. This is totally legal and legit and a free strategy to get better search engine ranking. You can also link from your different pages to others of your pages on your blog

Update and remove

Up date your current blog posts and re publish them ,this helps also with search engine ranking. However, remove content that is not relevant anymore. For instance if you are promoting a product that no longer is available. Or if you share some knowledge about a topic that is also not relevant anymore. Because you only want relevant and quality content on your blog. So I hope you found some value through reading about these tips of mine. Welcome back to this blog at any time.

Sincerely,. Tommy Olsson