Do I need a website for my business?

Do I need a website for my online business or can I do without a website?

My quick response to that is yes you really need a website as a business owner. I will now share some points to why you need a business website…

Are you being taken seriously?

People needs to be able to find you online and yes they can find you when you have a blog, but you need a website as well. You need a website for the sake of branding and also so that can people can find out more about the services and products you provide. Your website will increase your potential to build up your income. By having a website people can learn more about you and what you are about. To be taken seriously you need a website but not just any website, a website that so to say does its work. A website that converts visitors into leads and then into paying clients…

Do i need a website
Do I need a website


When you have your own website you can sell your own products through your site, and this can turn into a residual income for you. To step up your earnings you can also create multiple sites and also within separate niches. With the right platform this can be done quite easily. There are different types of websites. A regular one where you present yourself and your services but then there are E commerce sites and membership sites. So there are different types of sites that you can make money with

Do I need a website
Do I need a website

Search engine OPTIMIZATION

It is important that your site is search engine optimized so it ranks well in the search results. This makes sure that your site can receive a lot of traffic, a lot of visitors. Because you need as much so called eye balls on your content as possible.

Do I need a website
Do I need a website


When you have made some sales you could ask your buyers if they would be willing to make testimonials for you. Testimonials will help you make more sales for your business. They can convince visitors to your site that your services provides results, and is worth investing in and this way build up your prospects trust in you…

A way of contact

It is important that your visitors /prospects has a easy way of contacting you and another feature you should have on your business website is a chat function. This so that you or your staff can quickly answer any questions that your visitors might have.

The advantage

There is a high level of competitions among businesses, so if you have a great website set up and some of your competitors have not, well that gives you a strong advantage and a head start.

A website for your business can make a huge difference for your income over the long term. To not have a website set up for your business is pretty much to leave money on the table.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson