Feeling gratitude, the benefits of feeling gratitude and sharing it

Feeling gratitude.

Are you feeling gratitude regarding something in your life right now?

Even though we may go through hard times in life sometimes, we still can be feeling gratitude. But why should we be feeling that way? I will explain what feeling gratitude and sharing it with others can do for you now, if you continue to read… When sharing gratitude with other people that can make a person feel relaxed at at peace. I will explain how this all works.

Feeling gratitude
Feeling gratitude

What it comes from and what is it?

The word gratitude actually comes from the Latin language. The word gratitude means thankful and pleasing. So gratitude is about feeling thankful and pleased with different things in our lives… Gratitude can also be connected to feeling grateful. Feeling grateful can make people feel better about themselves and be more optimistic as well as make them enjoy better health. Another benefit with gratitude is that we get better self control, discipline and focus. Research has shown that sharing and feeling gratitude can improve our physical and mental health.

feeling gratitude
Feeling gratitude

Why does it matter?

So why is gratitude so important to us all? We can be thankful to different things in life; other people flowers you pretty much everything positive that goes on in our lives. This despite hardships that we may go through… We can use gratitude to create new social relations and connect with people or to strengthen current relationships that we already have. Acts of gratitude can be used also to apologize, make amends and help solve other problems that we are going though.

Why it is so powerful

Gratitude is a selfless act. Its acts are done with no restrictions or demands. This to show to people that we are appreciating them. Gratitude can also be contagious, in a positive way. Those that you show gratitude towards may in the future return the favor.

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Write a gratitude journal

A good idea can be to start writing a daily gratitude journal. Write down each day what you appreciate and feel grateful about that particular day. You can also sit down each day with a friend and relative and talk about what you are thankful for right then and there. This can be a good training on feeling grateful.

Feeling gratitude
Feeling gratitude


So there are different benefits with sharing gratefulness. You can improve your state of mind, getting a better self image as well as feeling more relaxed and enjoy better health among other things. So with this in mind, will you start to practice some of the advice that I have shared here? Or are you already into sharing and feeling gratitude? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.