Are high ticket products difficult to sell?

High ticket products are they difficult to sell?

Are they more difficult to sell then a low ticket product? My answer to that is no, not really. Some people believe that is so difficult to sell a high ticket product and therefor they will maybe be hesitant to start promoting high ticket products. But it does not have to be difficult selling the high ticket products, it has all to do with your knowledge on how to sell, how to sell these items.

High ticket products
High ticket products

And believe it or not it can even be done with free traffic, organic traffic. And maybe you are thinking now,well free traffic takes so long time before getting results. Well not always, it has to do with what type of free traffic strategies that you are using. If you brand yourself the right way on social sites such as Facebook and if you know how to connect with people and create some kind of relationship with them, then the free traffic strategies may very well work, and they may even work very well for you. Make sure that you create a banner for your Facebook profile so that people know what you are offering and working with. At the cover motivate people to get in contact with you as well. You can create the Facebook cover on Canva for free or pay 5 dollars to a seller at Fiverr that will create the cover for you..

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Paid traffic?

But paid ads then is n’t that the way to go? Some paid traffic may be good but not every type of paid traffic. If you are going to use paid traffic in shape of solo ads, make sure that you research the traffic, research the vendor. Look after testimonials from buyers.

High ticket products
High ticket products

The pain

T make high ticket sales you must create trust with your prospects and get to know them a bit. Then try to find out what they are struggling with. In other words what their pain is. Maybe they struggle financially,amaybe they want to have more freedom so that they can spend more time with their kids and so on. And then you provide a solution to their pain. That solution is the offer that you are promoting. So make sure that it is a good offer. Do not worry about the price tag on your offer and think that it is too expensive. Think about what the offer can do for your prospects, think about the benefit with your high ticket offer. And present those benefits to your prospect. Then in the end they may very well buy from you. Because the value of your offer should be your focus when wanting to sell high ticket products. And is not more difficult to sell a high ticket product compared to selling a low ticket product.

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