Infusion 2.0 review and my results

My expectations is pretty hight because I have purchased products by Mark Barett in the past, that I was really pleased with.

With this product Mark is teaming up with James Fawcett.

Watch my review video here.

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Infusion 2.0 Test- Day One.

I must say this to begin with, I have discovered some negative sides to the training inside this product. And that is that in some of the videos James speaks with a rather low voice so you need to listen carefully, or if you maximize the value on your computer. Besides that I have not found any other negative sides. The training is easy to follow and it has a lot of value in it. I bought this product earlier this evening and it is getting late here now, so I will catch up with you again tomorrow.

Infusion 2.0 Test-Day Two

So now I have gone through more of the training. The setup of the training is similar to other products members area. I am not saying that is a bad thing, it is just a observation. With the menu on the left side and the video tutorials to the right. The training is easy to follow because it is set up in a step by step manor. So far I am pleased with the training, it covers a lot of the important pieces on how to start making money with promoting high ticket offers. Okay now it is time to call it a day. See you soon.

Infusion 2.0 review
Infusion 2.0 review

Infusion 2.o Test- Day Three

Okay, so hond that it is a good product if yyou are interested in learning how to make high ticket sales. if you are interested access a already set up capture page and thank you page, if you want to learn more about paid traffic and free traffic.ere we go on the third day of my test. You get an already created funnel to drive traffic to by applying what they teach within Infusion 2.0. That is through Clickfunnels. Although Clickfunnels is a great software it is also not the cheapest ones out there.

Infusion 2.0 review
Infusion 2.0 review

However, you get access to a 14 day free trial. If you have troubles affording Clickfunnels then find a cheaper funnel building software and copy how their pages look inside Infusion 2.0. Now about using Clickfunnels, when you have created your account there using the product creators link inside Infusion, and downloaded the free funnel. (a good capture page and a thank you page), then realize that now you do not have the cheapest membership of Clickfunnels. If you want to just pay 97 dollar per month then make sure to change your level of membership. Otherwise you must pay $297.00  per month. Talking about saving money… If you have a limited budget and can’t afford paid traffic then they are sharing a training on how to generate free traffic as well. But know this, free traffic strategies takes longer time, but they can produce results regardless. But anyhow I am pleased with the product and the trainings, despite that they talk with a low voice in some of the videos.

Infusion 2.0 Test – Day Four

Now that I have gone through all the training and applied what they share inside Infusion 2.0, then I have the following to say… Yes James is talking with a low vocie in the videos so sometimes it can be hard to hear what he says, but you do hear but what he says, but anyway that is a negative piece of this product. Beyond that I think that this is a really good product. if you want to learn how to promote high ticket offers and how to drive both free and paid traffic, an what offers to promote then you might want to have a closer look at this product.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.