List building black Ops review and my results

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List Building Black Ops Test – Day One

List building black ops review

List building black ops is a product by Michael Cheney. As he is making a lot of money online my expectations and hope for this product is that this should be a quite valuable product, but we will see after I have completed my test after taking action on what this product teaches.

First off; Michael Cheney talks a bit fast in the instructive videos so you may have to re watch them in case you miss out on something. And if you do not know how to write emails that sells, well then you need to learn it or buy the service from someone. Because Michael has such a email writing course as an upgrade. So it is not included for free in this product. He is also hyping some things up, but so far I realize that it is a valuable training despite that. Anyway, I have started going through the training now and I will reveal more about my progress tomorrow. See you then.

List building black ops review
List building black ops review

List Building Black Ops Test – Day Two

So here we are att the second day of my testing List building black ops. I have started to apply what Michael is teaching in this course. I have been watching the training about setting up a freebie in order to build your list. Michael is sharing in detail how you can create this freebie and what that freebie should be. What he receals are strategies I was unaware of earlier. I am going to get started creating that freebie now. See you tomorrow again.

List building black ops review
List building black ops review

List Building Black Ops Test -Day Three

Ok so now I am into day three with this test of List building black ops. One of the trainings vieos I have gone through today is about auto responders and how to set one up. Now, some of the things Michael mentions in the video are things that I already knew. However this training can be very useful for beginners. But he also going into a bit about writing emails that I feel is really valuable. I can not reveal too much about it here because that would not be fair to Michael.

The following video is about creating a squeeze page. He reveals some free options to create a pretty good squeeze page but he also shares a squeeze page builder software he personally uses and the features with that software to increase the amount of subscribers. Okay, that’s it for today, so see you tomorrow.

List Building Black Ops Test – Day Four

So now I have watched the final video int his course and that video was about getting started sending traffic toi the squeeze page. This strategiues are free traffic strategies. Some of them may seem obvious to use but still can be valuable to apply, especially if you are having a limited budget As Michael have said during this course, it is not a question of getting a lot of traffic, it does not have to be that way. It is a question of getting quality traffic.

So my conclusions about List building black ops is…

Despite that Michael are using some hype when it comes to the kin dof income you can make, and despite that he talks fast in the videos I still feel like this is a good course. I believe it will help people get faster results with their list building and making money from that list. And List building black ops is suitable for newbies/beginners as well because he explains very detailed what to do through the video series.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson