What is the best WordPress theme for Seo in 2021?

What is the best WordPress theme for Seo?

WordPress is the best type of blog you can have if you want to make money from your blog. And this is something that I have mentioned before in my earlier blog posts. And Seo, search engine optimization is something that you can’t leave out if you want to get results from your blogging. Because you need to optimize your blog and its content so that people can find your content and your blog in the search results through the different search engines. This so that you can build your audience and so that you will get maximal exposure for your content. If you do not make the most of search engine optimization them all your work will pretty much be for nothing. When it comes to the optimization of your blog there is several things to keep in mind. The speed of your blog, how fast your website/blog is loading. Nobody wants to sit and wait for maybe 10 seconds for your blog to load. Other things that are important is if your blog is mobile friendly. This because many people are surfing the web with their cell phones nowadays… Css and rss files ca also have a impact on your blog. And the content that you create how optimized it is has also to do with how well your content will rank.

The different types of WordPress themes.

There are both free and paid WordPress themes, but in this blog post I will be focusing on those themes that you need to pay for. Because it is no secret that to get the best of something, you sometimes need to spend some money. Because I am sure you have heard about the expression; it takes money to make money.

Best wordpress themme
Best wordpress theme

Examples of recommended paid themes

I will now share a few examples of the paid WordPress themes that I recommend, and I will also share some facts about those themes…

Divi. Divi is regarded as the “most popular WordPress theme” and it’s for good reasons. Because it has a ton of powerful editing tools that helps you make your theme and blog pretty much in anyway you want to.

MH Magazine is a WordPress theme that’s perfect for if you are publishing content on a regular basis. With MH Magazine you can create professional looking, well-organized layouts for your website.

Because of the optimization of this theme , your target audience will have a good chance of finding your content when they are searching online for the topics you’ve blogged about.

Best wordpress theme
Best wordpress theme

TheGem is another theme with SEO in mind.

This WordPress theme has a focus on fast loading times, mobile friendliness, and secure code, so TheGem is really worth to consider.e. Your website and blog will integrate with leading search engine optimization plugins like Yoast SEO for instance

Source; https://athemes.com/

Best wordpress theme
Best wordpress theme

Other resources

Having a blog, a WordPress blog means that you have a great marketing tool for a pretty low cost. But to so to say optimize your business there is other resources that you may want to consider. Would you appreciate getting your hands on multiple WordPress blogs that has all the plug ins installed so that your blog will be optimized right from the start? Would you like to get help setting up membership site and ecommerce stores? Everything is placed under the same roof when you take the 14 day free trial here.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

What is the best blog when it comes to making money?

What is the best blog?

I am going to bring up both free blogs and paid options when it comes to starting a blog to be able to make money from it. The free blogs out there I would say is for you if you have a limited budget or just want to blog about your hobby or something like that. You can for instance then use Bloggers free blog owned by Google which you can get started with , the only thing you need then to sign up is a free Gmail account. Wix is a another alternative when it comes to free blogs.

But what is the best blog if you have a a goal to make money from your blogging.

My answer to that question is a WordPress blog. I will explain now why I am saying this…


One major benefit with a WordPress blog is that is highly customizable. But when it comes to getting that optimal ability to your blog then you need to go for a paid blog. You need to invest in a domain name with your own hosting so that you have the best options when it comes to customizing your blog anyway you want to. There are also other benefits with investing in a domain name, it is great for branding. you can have your own name in your domain name , or the niche you are blogging about.

What is the best blog
What is the best blog

When you have a to the point (quite short. it is good if its not more them 9 letters long) domain name it will also be easy for people to remember. It will also look better with a bought domain name then a long basic not very good looking domain name.You can start a free blog at WordPress.com but then you will not be able to add banners to promote different affiliate products for instance. You will not be able to set your design of your blog after your wishes. But when you get your domain name and hosting you will get that ability to have your blog look pretty much as how you want it to look.

What is the best blog
What is the best blog

Plug ins

What also is great with having a WordPress blog is that you will have access to a ton of plugins but free and also some plug ins that you need to pay a small fee to be able to use. these plug ins can help you to for instance improve your level of leads and commissions made though your blogging. No other blogging platform has as many plug ins as at WordPress. There are members at WordPress that actually creates plug ins themselves that you also can use.

What is the best blog
What is the best blog

Used by…

About 30 % of all websites/blogs online is based on WordPress, so you can see now how popular WordPress really is? So yes, getting a WordPress blog with your domain name and hosting should be your first step if you want to make money blogging. Thankl you for reading this blog post. Have a great day.

Sincerely, Tommy Olson.

3 tips on choosing a blogging niche

Choosing a blogging niche.

Yes that is something you need to do if you want to make money from your blog. Because you can’t blog about anything and everything. Well not if you want to be successful with your blogging anyway. Because if you have a too large field to focus on then you easily will become burned out. And you will not get that much results, because you get the most results if you focus on marketing and blogging for a targeted niche. And to be regarded as an expert you need to blog in a specific niche. Otherwise your readers may start to wonder what exactly you are focusing on writing about on your your blog and so on.

And they may wonder if you really have knowledge of all the things you write about as well. But what is a niche? It is a specific area within marketing that you focusing on when blogging or marketing in general. Your blog will this way focus on a niche market. A market where people are interested in a certain topics or a few topics. A few examples of blog niches are, weight loss, make money online, travelling.

Okay, with that being said. let’s now get into my 3 tips on choosing a blogging niche.

For starters you should choosing a blogging niche that you at least have some interest in. Or a niche that you have a big interest in. Because if you choose a blogging niche that you have very little interest in then you will be having a hard time creating good blog content. Because it is much easier to be really creative if you blog about a niche and things inside that niche that you are really passionate about. Then creating blog content will be much easier. You will be feeling more focuses and motivated to create new content then. If you are passionate about what you are writing about then you probably know a great deal about things in your niche as well. Or you are most willing to research different topics within your niche.

Chossing a blogging niche
Choosing a blogging niche


Blog about lifestyle. It can involve luxury lifestyle but it does not have to include that or only that. You can write about fitness or traveling for instance. It can be about things your really love to spend your life doing and so on.

Choosing a blogging niche
Choosing a blogging niche

Blog about food

Do you love to cook? Do you like to test new recipes or even create your own? Then this is a niche you can get going with. A lot of people are interested in food as ell as cooking so this can be a good niche to blog about. Because we all also need food to survive and why not learn some new recipes? And then share them on your blog?

Choosing a blogging niche
Choosing a blogging niche
Give financial advice

You can starta blog where you are sharing financial advice. But a thing to keep in mind is that you really need to have good knowledge about economy and finances to start this kind of blog. Because you need to be able to give your readers some really good advise to help them out. And you do not want to give themn advice on something that you are not 100% sure about.

So anyway, this was the three tips and recommendation I have for you now about choosing a blogging niche. I hope they will be helpful for you.

All the best,

Tommy Olsson

Affiliate Psycho 2 review and results

Update: Watch my review video here.

Learn More About Affiliate Psycho 2

Affiliate psycho 2 review

I have kind of big expectations for this product as Lee Murray usually creates valuable products.

Affiliate Psycho 2 test – Day one

First off I want to say this… Lee does not make his video training as other marketers you might have gone through training’s with. He jumps a bit from one thing to another. But with that being said, he delivers what he says. He tells it like he see things. He shows you what to do and how to do that, that is my impression of him this far. This product is about making money by doing video reviews by the way. I have started going through the training now during the day and as it is getting late here now I’ll take a break now until tomorrow. So Ill see you then.

Affiliate psycho 2 review
Affiliate psycho 2 review

Affiliate Psycho 2 test- Day Two

I have purchased similar products before, but this product is a bit different. Now I mean that in a positive way. I can not reveal too much about the product in respect to Lee, but yes it stands out. So I have gone through more of the training now inside Affiliate Psycho 2 and applied what Lee teaches inside the product. As I have mentioned earlier this product is about making money by making video reviews. And inside this product he gives examples about hat he calls brutally honest reviews that you can model. He points out the importance of honesty in Affiliate Psycho 2 and why you should be really brutally honest in your reviews. And how this honesty can make you a lot of money. He is also getting into how to get a lot of traffic to your reviews even if you do not rank that high in the search results. Okay, so now I will continue to apply what I learned so far from this product and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Affiliate psycho 2 review
Affiliate psycho 2 review

Affiliate Psycho 2 test – Day Three

So here we go, now we are on to the third day of this test of Affiliate psycho 2. This product is not only about profiting from doing video reviews , it also includes how to use this concept through blogging. If you are looking for a way to get free traffic, then doing videos and uploading them to youtube and doing blogging is the way to go. Lee also shares his free training program Passiveclass that you can use as a lead magnet to get more leads. That is also some things that lee talks about in this product. Now that I have gone through this product completely I have this to say about it… If you can put up with the fact that Lee sometimes feels a bit out of focus and that he kind of jumps from one thing to another, then this product is for you. Because when it comes to the meat of the potatoes of it all, what he teaches works. And he tells you what to do and how to do things in order to get results from Affiliate Psycho 2. Thank you for taking time to read my review.

Cheers, Tommy Olsson.

Alternatives to adsense – what are some good alternatives to adsense?

Alternatives to adsense,

are there any good alternatives out there?

Or should you stay and focus on Google adsense? But to start things off, what is google adsense? Google adsense gives publishers a way to make money from their content. Advertisers that wants to make more money off their products pays commissions when someone buys from the adsense ads om your website or blog. Your level of earnings varies depending on the settings of the ads. Now back to alternatives to adsense. There are actually several good alternatives to adsense, and I will reveal a few of those good alternatives to adsense if you continue to read… If you are looking for ways to monetize your blog, here follows my recommendations on that.

Alternatives to adsense
Alternatives to adsense


Infolinks is an ad marketplace that enables advertising with contextual intent targeting and high viewability across different quality publisher placements. Click here to check out Infolinks.


Primis is an ad network that have their focus on video ads. They are using in-view native video ads that are totally customizable to fit any ad unit size.


Trion may be another alternatives to adsense. This is an option especially if you have a lot of mobile traffic to your blog or website.

Source: https://www.monetizemore.com/blog/top-10-adsense-alternatives/


Alternatives to adsense

Popads focuses on so called popunders. You can sign up as an advertiser or choose to sign up as a publisher so that you can monetize your website.


Adsterra is a good alternative to Google adsense. You can become a advertiser with their network or become a publisher. They ensure a 100% fill rate for publishers through their 20K+ campaigns running simultaneously. They pay commissions automatically twice a month on fixed days.

alternatives to adsense
Alternatives to adsense

Amazon associates

I guess you have heard about Amazon associates? Who haven’t. This is one of the best known e-commerce platforms out there. Their ads are not  CPM based or Pay-per-click ads. You will earn a small commissions from ads that has been placed on your site or blog.

Other options on monetizing your website or blog

There are other ways to monetize your blog or website then by using any of the networks and platforms that I have presented earlier in this blog post. One way is to sell your own products on your blog. It can be something as simple as an E book or a video training of some kind. It does not always have to be a advanced product. Later on you could consider to offer paid coaching to your readers as well. So there you go, this was some alternatives if you want to move away from Google adsense, or if you want something to compare to adsense.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.

How to monetize a blog in 2021

Monetize a blog why should you be interested in doing that?

Simply because you can get statistics of different types , a overview of traffic generated to your blog. Not only that but you can make money from your blog by having ads set up on your blog. Then when your visitors clicks the ads and maybe buy something from those ads, you can make a commission.

Monetize a blog
Monetize a blog

But let us now get down into it and see how you can monetize a blog… your blog.

But to tell you the truth making a revenue by monetize your blog for instance with Adsense or some other provider, the results will not come fast. It takes time to build up a successful blog that generates a decent amount of money. With that being said, yes you can create and generate a income this way from your blog but you need to realize the truth about how long it can take before you see any major results. But I am not saying that it is not worth aiming to make money by monetizing a blog, I just want to be truthful here…

Monetize a blog
Monetize a blog

Your alternatives

If you have some kind of product that you created you could offer that product and sell it through your blog.That product could be something reaally simple such as an E book. But make sure that your products solves a problem that your readers are having , or might have. Or you could offer your skills in form of paid coaching to your readers. So you do not have to rely on adsense or similar provides totally. However to be able to sell your services and products on your blog you need to have built a good relationship with your readers. Find out what they want to get help with, what they need solutions for. Ask then that in your blog posts. You could also blog for others and get paid for it. there are bloggers that are getting well paid by doing this as an free lancer. But you need to be pretty good as a blogger if you want to pursue this type of career. Source: http://neilpatel.com

Truth on income streams

I would say that apart from making money with Adsense and similar services, to sell your products through your blog is what I really recommend if you want to make money blogging.

Monetize a blog
Monetize a blog
Build your list and use a sales funnel

I really recommend that you build your list with your blog. Attached a well converting sales funnel, if you do not know how to create one then outsource it. Then you can make money time and time again from that buyers list. You could also promote a high ticket offer at the end of that funnel, but only offer a low ticket offer at the start of the funnel. These are the advice I have for you.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.