How to find the right product to promote

How to find the right product to promote

Your choice of the products you will promote is very very important. Your choices regarding this can either break or make you and your business. If will now get into different aspects of choosing the right product to promote, and how to find the right product to promote as well….

For the sake of your reputation

You have to be careful when choosing a product to promote, but it is not just the product it also has to do with the company behind the product. You should research the specific company to see what their reputation is. Do they deliver the products on time? Do they have a good support team and support system? Do their products so to say live up to their promises? Do their products satisfied the customers wants and needs? You need to do a good research about the company because you do not want to put your reputation in jeopardy. A reputation that you probably have spent plenty of time building up.

How to find the right product to promote
How to find the right product to promote

Recurring or not?

To make the most out of your marketing I recommend that you choose a product to promote that will generate recurring income for you, for instance a product with a monthly subscription. Because we really need t and want that recurring income. This to build your income faster and so that you will reach your financial goals faster.

How to find the right product to promote

Low ticket or high ticket?

What is the best product to promote then? A low ticket product or a high ticket product? My clear answer to that is; a high ticket product. Why? Because you will make more money per sale, and you will reach the financial goals that you have set up faster then if you are promoting a low ticket product. Somew people may think that is so difficult to sella high ticket product, well that is not really t rue. Not when you get the right knowledge on how to sell high ticket products. When you share with people how the product will solve a need they have or a want, then they will buy no matter what the price tag is. but you have to be patient, do not count on making a high ticket sale fast.

The need of a sales funnel

To make it easier for you to make those high ticket sales you should have a sales funnel set up. A sales funnel where the follow up emails will do most of the job for you to close these sales. If you do not have a sales funnel then it will take unnecessary hard work from you and it your income building will go much slower. So you must have a sales funnel, and a good one too.

So the choice of what product you will promote is incredibly important. Both for the sake of ethics but also that the product should have recurring commissions paid to you And I also recommend that you promote high ticket products.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson

What makes a good business website in 2021?

What makes a good business website?

Do you have a business website? Well you should have one , because if people can’find you online then you more or less does not exist.It is a lot of competition among marketers so you really need to have a good website so that you can stand out from your competition. You must have a goof online presence for the sake of branding but also so that you can make more sales for your business.

What makes a good business website
What makes a good business website

So let us get into what makes a good business website

Ton begin with the site needs to be easy to navigate on… But it also has to do with the content on your website and you need to have great content on your site. The website should be set up in that way that you easily can build your list with it as well as making you recurring sales. You should update your website often by adding new quality content on it.

Lack of know how

A lot of business owner do have their website set up but many of them do not have the knowledge yet how to set up a successful business website unfortunately. So in this situation they might have to hire someone to do that job for them. If that means that they will make more sales with what ever they are promoting, then that is really worth that extra expense.

What makes a good website
What makes a good website

Customer service

one important part to why your new website will be really successful is if you have great customer service on your site, so that you or your staff can answer any questions that your prospects might have. By doing this you could have a customer chat service on your website. This way your sites visitors can ge ta fast reply from your support staff. You should try to put yourself in your customers shoes and see their point of view. So instead of being pitchy, simply answer your customers or potential customers at easy by answering their questions. Nobody likes when sales people are too pitchy and just focusing on the sale.

What makes a good website
What makes a good website

You need to be found

Even if your website looks great and so on, that does not matter if people can not find your site. So that is why search engine optimization is so important. You need to optimize your site to get more traffic to it. You need to do keyword research and pout your chosen keyword inside your websites content. But do not use your keyword too much in your content because you need to make your content to be easy to read. You will rank your website better if you have a blog attached to it because search engines love fresh content.


Contact info

Make sure that your prospects and website visitors easily can find your contact information. It is best if you have your contact information on several pages on your site.

So there you have it , take the steps towards setting up your business website if you haven’t set up one already.

All the best, Tommy Olsson.