Sms phone leads review with exciting updates

Sms phone leads review

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Sms phone leads is a sms marketing system that I have been using for quite a while, to help me generate leads as well as sign ups to my business. Recently some improvements have been made to Sms phone leads and I reveal everything about those updates now. To begin with, sms marketing can be really powerful and valuable for any online marketer, because you can run your business from your cellphone. Besides, most people all around the world owns an cellphone, so think about what it would mean for you and your business, if you could reach a big part of all these people. More and more people are starting to use sms marketing to help them build their income and businesses.

The home of the 2 step funnel

So let us get into what Sms phone leads have to offer… To begin with it will only cost you a one time expense of 37 dollars to get life time access to this system. When you sign up to sms phone leads you will receive a phone number that is connected to he system, but not to your personal cellphone. But you can however call your leads up personally if you want to. Otherwise the system will do all the work for you. Automated audio and text messages will be sent out to your leads as soon as they call the phone number that is connected to your automated sms funnel. Besides all the tolls I will explain to you shortly you have also the option to collect instant 100% commissions when promoting this system.

Sms phone leads review
Sms phone leads review

So what is new?

Here follows the new features that been added to Sms phone leads;

  • The possibility to add your auto responder to the system although the system already builds your list.
  • You can have the staff at Sms phone leads to promote your affiliate link at; Google, Udemi and Youtube
  • You have the option to purchase the micro book that teaches you how to make  $100-$500 per day. You can also buy the right to puit in your signature and any link in this book.
  • 2 step funnel where you can direct your leads to the sales pages of two of your business opportunities.
  • You have the option to invest in 5 done for you high converting emails.
  • You have the option also to invest in a training called partnership secrets.
Sms phone leads review
Sms phone leads review

What else?

You will also of course have access to the tools and resources that was already in place before the update of Sms phone leads. Such as the sms blaster where you can send a lot of sms messages to a larger group of people. And the ringless software that send sms messages to your leads without their cell phone making any sound. You can also buy more credits that is used for the messaging with your leads, as well as more phone numbers and last but not least; you can buy leads from inside this system.

So yes, I feel like there is a lot of value in this system and I really recommend it.

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All the best, Tommy Olsson.

The importance of branding – Why is branding important?

The importance of branding

I guess you have heard about branding , but why is branding so important for any marketer or business owner? I am going to go into the importance of branding now…

The truth is that, if you do not brand yourself, and brand yourself in the right wa and build a strong brandy your business will sooner or later go down, it will die.

What is it?

But what is branding then really? Branding is not one particular thing such as an banner although some people would say so. Branding is all the things you do to build up that strong brand of yours. Branding is the so called gut feeling people get when they here about your brand. And if you have branded yourself in the right way, then your potential costumers potentially will have a positive opinion and experience about your brand and your business. But also of you as a person and marketer.

Importance of branding
Importance of branding

Dealing with the competition

If you want to be able to compete with your competition within your niche and so on you really need to have a strong brand. You need to brand yourself and your business so that you can reach more people that may be paying customers in the future.You can build that brand through a website a blog marketing and branding yourself on social media platforms. You can manage your branding yourself or if you have the budget for it, you can simply outsource it to a seller at Upwork or some other similar platform. Because when you start to have success and have money coming in, you should outsource some tasks in your marketing and branding. This to save time so that you can focus on a few particular things in your business.

Importance of branding
Importance of branding

Examples of strong brands

Two companies that have managed to create a well known and strong brand is Coca cola and Ikea. A lot ofpeople are familiar with these two companies. They have their opinions and gut feelings about these two companies. They know how a coca cola tastes they recognice the coca cola logo and so on. Ans the same thing goes for ikea as well. people know that they have inexpensive furniturethat the every day guy or woman can buy for a pretty low cost. They know perhaps that the founder of Ikea is a man by the name of Ingvar Kamprad. And people may know that he is from Sweden, which is my home country by the way.

Importance of branding
Importance of branding


If you do not aplly branding in your business then your busines willm never be any big success. Your competition will have no problem having the advantage over you. So every marketer and business owner simply have to use branding to so to say survive online for the long term.

Sincerely, Tommy Olsson.